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Fadzizul Zakaria

Fadzizul Zakaria is a Licensed Financial Planner from Phillip Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd. He has been helping many High Net Worth families and individuals, especially Medical Professionals and Business Owner to optimise their wealth in order to achieve financial freedom by providing a tailor made financial plan that is specific to suit them.



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Holistic Financial Planning

Have a clear direction to achieve Financial Freedom.
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Cashflow & Networth Analysis

Analyse your cashflow & networth through the financial ratio.
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Risk Management & Takaful Planing

Appropriate takaful cover assists you in managing financial risks
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Debt Management Plan

The debt solution that is best for you depends on your personal circumstances.
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Investment Planning

It is a process of matching your financial goals and objectives with your financial resources.
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Retirement Planning

It is about arriving at a point where you have successfully grown your wealth to give you financial freedom without having to downgrade your lifestyle.
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Child Education Planning

I will create a plan and build the best portfolio consisting of several financial products with the right allocation while regularly review the portfolio performance.
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Estate & Business Succession Planning

The duration of the distribution process also will be shorter as we can avoid the family disagreement and fighting in the court on the inheritance issue as we can always see nowadays.
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